Tournament Summary

Mendonca shines

Mako Mendonca was a huge tale of the tournament for the North Europe Wolves as he won the Golden Boot with his league leading 14 goals throughout his 24 appearances in the tournament. North Europe scored 35 goals throughout the tournament, so he accounted for just over a third of those goals. That just showed exactly what he meant to the squad. He played up front for the Wolves. He led the team to three player of the match awards as well as a 7.22 rating throughout his 24 appearances. In terms of average rating, that was 4th in the entire tournament, first among strikers. Mendonca also led all the strikers with 79% passing percentage which was also 4th in the entire tournament. Just when you thought this guy could not be more impressive, he was a solid player on the ball, making the most out of every opportunity with the ball at his feet. This was a huge trend within the tournament, I am sure this will continue on with the regular season. Mako will be heading to Key West to play his regular season games in sunny Florida. I am sure the fans in Florida will love this guy!

Okocha impresses World

JJ Okocha, in my opinion, was the player of the tournament with his 26 appearances for the World Kings. Starting at the Attacking Midfield position, Okocha had 9 goals and 14 assists. His 14 assists was 2 more than South Europe’s Zosimo Crovo for the tournament lead. His 9 goals was also 4th in the tournament. He also has 6 player of the match which doubled the next closest person. In addition, he had the highest average rating of any player in the entire tournament with a 7.52. I mean, how can you even compare to that? Okocha had 66% passing percentage and 1.31 Tackles. Okocha will be heading to Brixton to head the midfield for the Rovers. That surely will be something that London will love to see. He is going to be a force to be reckoned with, there is no question about that.

Clean Sheets Galore

The real big story of the tournament was the goalkeeping. When you look at the number of clean sheets that happened, it was quite surprising. Igor Thunderson and Mizzam Erikanuh led the entire crop of goalkeepers with 7 clean sheets a piece. Thunderson had 24 appearances for North Europe while Erikanuh completed that feat in 13 appearances for the World Kings. Next on the list was Victor Moreno and El Aspirador who both had 6 clean sheets respectively. Victor Moreno had his 6 clean sheets in only 13 appearances for World while Aspirador had his 6 in 22 appearances for South Europe. Those are extremely impressive numbers.

Thunderson will be heading to Brixton to play with Okocha, Erikanuh will be heading to Casper to get more clean sheets, Moreno will be in between the posts in Mexico, and El Aspirador will be heading to Warsaw to man the net there. It will be a fun season, I wonder if this will be a trend!

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