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Season Two Transactions: A Look at the Top Five

By Renomitsu

#1: Mahathir Viatilingam (Goliathus), 1097 TPE at auction
Casper FC, $900k/week
A pro-ready playmaker who can play from deep or in the offensive third, Viatilingam has at least as many football technical skills as letters in his name and was arguably the most highly coveted player among the Prospect League. He owned one of the top-five ratings in the league as part of the Rotterdam Wolves throughout season one, and there has been little doubt as to his effect on the pitch, and forwards like Mikhail Potaitshuk and Goalz Reus will likely flourish as a result of this signing. Continue reading “Season Two Transactions: A Look at the Top Five”

Mursi’s Award Picks

So we are past the half-way point of the season and actually nearing the end of the season, so it is definitely time to start looking ahead and begin hypothesizing who could be our future award winners. There are many awards to go around in our league which is good, but I will look specifically at three awards: League Champions, Top goalscorer and MVP. To understand why I am looking at these three awards, the reason is that there is a clear glue which holds them all together, and the is Key West. Continue reading “Mursi’s Award Picks”

Team of the week (Games 3&4)

Week 3:

GK: I. Thunderson (Brixton, 6.8)
DEF: O. Sarrafeiro (Brixton, 8.9), J. Bryzski (Brixton, 8.2), Da Need 4 Speed (CAP FC, 7.7)
MID: E-Z (CAP FC, 9.6), J. Okocha (Brixton, 9.6), Shokinha (Brixton, 9.1), S. Sarvepally (CAP FC, 8.2)
ATT: The White Whale (CAP FC, 9.4), M. Greene (Brixton, 9.2), G. Reus (CAP FC, 8.2)

Player of the week: E-Z

Continue reading “Team of the week (Games 3&4)”